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Member Bio

Name: Mohamed Ebeida

Position: Founder & Chair

Mohamed is a research scientist at Sandia National Laboratories. His research interests include computational geometry (sampling methods andVoronoi tessellations), Uncertainty Quantification and Optimization.He developed VoroCrust, the first provably correct algorithm for conforming Voronoi meshing of non-convex and non-manifold domains with guarantees on the quality of both surface and volume elements.Mohamed has over 50 publications and three patents in the field ofscientific computing. He is also the founder and leader of the Vorocrust project at Sandia National Laboratories, VoroCrust –Sandia National Laboratories

Mohamed is a pioneer in introducing FIRST®, an international STEM learning robotics program in multiple communities. He has also paved the way for communities to successfully host leagues for various FIRST®Competitions. Mohammed’s passion to teach and inspire kids to learn Robotics has resulted in him establishing Itkan Institute of Technology which houses The Marvels Network comprising many FLL, FTC,and FRC teams all across the globe.

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