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Member Bio

Name: Altaf Hussain

Position: Secretary

Altaf’s educational background is in Mechanical Engineering. He works as a Senior Software Engineer/Application Integration Manager at Sabre.  He is passionate about serving the community and has been involved in this endeavor for the last 20 years. He has also been the Den leader for boys scout troop, an educator and mentor for children participating in various STEM competitions.

Altaf likes to spend time mentoring kids with various aspects of 3D CAD/CAM designing and modeling. He coaches the students to create higher user engagement training modules to help FTC teams to learn faster using augment reality. An intuitive way of exploring complex FTC robot design, game strategies and FTC manual directly in the palm of their hands.  He also encourages children to apply the tools of project management to all their activities. Altaf holds the position of Secretary at Itkan and is a board member.
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